Prototype Experiments

These experiments are as a result of developing a working prototype for the Magic Pen. I also post updates on my blog under the tag ‘prototype’ if you would like to see.

How does it work?

I am using an Arduino Uno to develop the circuit and then using Processing to generate the 3D forms with the incoming data.

The Stylus

The above images show the proposed concept for the stylus and a simple circuit to turn it into reality. I began with three potentiometers, as analog inputs, to simulate the heart rate, sweat response and pen pressure.

I have since changed some of the potentiometers to a force sensing resistor, as shown in the video above, and a plug and play heart rate monitor (I will have a video for the heart rate soon).

The 3D Forms

Above were some of the proposed 3D forms, which are designed in a way that use human-like features, tapping into the imagination, whereby everyday objects take on human attributes. In this case, to embody body posture and facial expressions which we subconsciously recognise and perceive meaning from.


The 3D forms that are generated on Processing, as part of the working prototype, utilise spherical geometry. This is different to the original proposed forms, however, they still contain similar characteristics, such as smooth or faceted surfaces and they are, as a result of being spherical, much more tactile.

The possibilities available are essentially infinite, depending on how the data received from Arduino is used, and all of the forms can be exported for 3D printing.

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