Collapse is a collaboration between 3D-scanning startup ScanLAB Projects and dance organisation New Movement Collective (NMC). These sculptures of movement depict dancers frozen in time through the use of 3D scanning.

3D scanning, which uses lasers to create a map of nearby surfaces, is normally used for spaces, not movement. So what would usually take about half a second to scan, was lengthened to scan up to a minute to capture the movement of the dancers.

NMC’s performers danced in front of the scanners with slow, sweeping movements, that suit the scanners capture rate, to produce the finished work’s distorted, ghost-like images – which seem to constantly remind me of the Terminator T-1000 from terminator 2.

Using the scans, ScanLAB created six sculptures, assembled using slices of MDF and 3D printers.

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