This is something I had always planned on doing for a long time, as I knew it would help me, but I never got around to actually doing it. So since leaving university I thought I better start now or I never will.

Every now and then when I have a bit of free time I will choose a household item at random and sketch it, Photoshop it and model it in Solidworks. Three things I think every designer should always practice doing.

I’ll be the first to admit that I think I don’t sketch enough; it wouldn’t hurt to sketch a little everyday, even if it is only for 5 minutes, but I would’ve been lucky to sketch once or twice a week when I’m not in uni. As for Solidworks, there is still so much I have to learn about that programme and this gives me the chance to ‘learn while doing’.

The first item I decided to use was a set of garden shears. The reason was because there was a lot of interesting and very difficult shapes within the item to sketch and model in Solidworks.

I sketched them.

Photoshopped them.

And finally modelled them in Solidworks.

So hopefully I’ll get a good few more of these done in the future. If you think of any items or products you would like to see me do, let me know!

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