Blurring the line between Art and Design with work that possess deeper levels of meaning. This is work that I can never get enough of, and work I often return to for inspiration.

Their work without meaning attached exude beauty, sophistication and simplicity, but when you delve in deeper and find out what the work means, or what message they are portraying, is when you will find the real beauty.

I will share some of my favourite pieces of their work and attach the descriptions from their website.

Life 01, 2009

Designed for Flos

Drawing on the symbolic nature of light and water as fundamental life giving forces, Life 01 is a unique object, which goes beyond being an interior decoration to become an allegory of the transience of life.

Life 01 combines the elements of light, water and organic life, in the appearance of a simple crystal vase to create an atmosphere that both embellishes a space and encourages contemplation, much like a vanitas or a still life painting.

When adorned with a flower, the vase lights up from within, reflecting abstract flower patterns through the glistening water. The flower stem acts as a conductor of electricity and activates a small light source at the bottom of the vase. However, as the flower withers, the light slowly expires.

Marble Bookmark, 2010

This marble edition, originally commissioned by Wallpaper* for its 2012 Handmade exhibition in Milan, comes in a table size and a floor size. It is everything a bookmark usually is not: heavy to lift, difficult to carry, bigger than the book itself. As a result of this counter-intuitive approach, Marble Bookmark radically changes the book as an object, making it an active part of the surrounding space, almost an object of veneration on its rocking altar. The pieces are cut from a block of Greek marble personally selected by Paul Cocksedge.

From Function to Affection, 2014


Commissioned by Anglepoise

This project was part of an initiative by Design Junction called ‘A Child’s Dream’ in partnership with Anglepoise and Teddy’s Wish, a charity that raises funds to aid research into the causes behind SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), neonatal death and stillbirth and support grieving families.

Paul Cocksedge has created an interactive piece, using the human-like features of the Anglepoise lamps – their heads and jointed limbs.

The lights only come on when the two heads touch each other, and whichever way you position them for that touch, it will stir a visual memory of a child nuzzling up to its mother. It can be seen not only with humans, but across the natural world: two swans with their necks entwined, giraffes gently touching heads, a baby bear seeking protection with its mother.

This reconfiguration of the classic Anglepoise taps into the imagination whereby everyday objects take on human attributes, in this case to embody a gesture of caring and affection that is universal.

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